As a Windows guy, who doesn’t like the awesome useful tools from Windows Sysinternals? What’s more important, these tools regularly get updated by the team in Microsoft to keep them always ahead of the game. For example, both Sysmon and Process Explorer just got an update early in September. But the problem is, it’s hard for us to keep our copy of these tools up-to-date.

So, is there a better way to keep our tools up-to-date than checking on their website regularly? We’ve shared a PowerShell script that updates all SysInterntals Tools automatically.

Now here is a much better way. How about having all the up-to-date tools stacked in a mapped drive?

Open File Explorer on your Windows 10 computer, select This PC and click Map network drive on the top toolbar.

Select a drive letter, whichever you like and is available, and paste in the following address in the Folder box.

Click Finish and tada…

How cool is that!

Type cmd in the address bar, press Enter, and it opens a Command Prompt window with startup folder pointing right to the drive that has all the tools you need.

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