The resurrected PowerToys open source project released a new utility lately that would take your file renaming skill to a new level. PowerRename is a Windows Shell Context Menu Extension for advanced bulk renaming using a simple search-and-replace or powerful regular expression matching.

See the demo below how easy it is to replace all the instances of “Pampalona” with “Pamplona” from all the image files.

As you can see, the preview area will show what the files will be renamed to while you type in the search and replace the input field. You can toggle specific items to include or exclude from the operation in the preview area.

Since it’s a Context extension, you can fire up the PowerRename tool right from the right-click context menu, on a folder or a select of files.

Type in the words you want to search for and the words you want to replace with, select a number of available options, you are off to go.

I can tell it’s going to be super easy for those who need to organize their large number of files with certain criteria keywords, fix a typo on a number of files.

If you haven’t used PowerToys, PowerRename should be the one to get you started. Go to the release page to download the MSI package which is embedded in the Assets section.

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