In 2018, ONCALL Solutions opened a cloud mining operation in their Winnipeg-based data center. Proof of Stake means there are no inefficient mining rigs drawing ridiculous amounts of power (often power costs outweigh the benefits) and none of the negative environmental impacts.

Winnipeg is an excellent location for this operation as the location comes with many benefits that improve the quality of our mining operation.

Natural Protection

Winnipeg is located in the heart of North America. This means that we are safe from major natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes or flooding.

Cost of Power

A huge portion of the mining cost is due to massive electrical consumption. Even with Proof of Stake, running powerful servers (instead of thousands of inefficient mining rigs), takes some serious juice. The province of Manitoba uses hydro electric power and there is a lot of it! Having much cheaper electricity than most of the continent allows us to greatly reduce the operating costs.

The Winnipeg Winter

Operating mining rigs generates an enormous amount of heat. Dealing with this heat involves utilizing large-scale HVAC systems which also use a lot of electricity. Winnipeg is very cold for a large portion of the year, which allows us to disperse heat much more efficiently.