In 2015 On-Call Solutions became the first company in Winnipeg to convert its entire virtual environment to Nutanix hyper converged solution as part of it’s continued growth to remain cutting edge within the Winnipeg IT space.

After many hours of pricing and research On-Call was ready to take the next set in our evolution. Wanting to grow our data center offerings we knew that we needed a state of the art platform to be the foundation for this growth. Nutanix provided a Hyper Converged infrastructure that allowed us to replace 4 servers and a SAN with one 2U Appliance.

Setup, configuration, and migration was done in less than one weekend. We were able to migrate all of our current VMware Virtual Servers to the Nutanix hardware and began to see immediate results in performance.

The next step was to convert all our server for VMware to the newly release Nutanix Acropolis HyperVisor (AHV). With less than a 12 hour outage we were able to convert the hardware and all the servers to the latest version of AHV, this allowed On-Call to reduce costs to our clients, and again we saw immediate performance increase in all our hosted servers and sites.

Today with the latest Nutanix software in place, and zero downtime AHV software updates, On-Call is able to provide its clients with the best available up times for their hosting needs. With Nutanix as our base there is no looking back for On-Call Solutions, we are excited to see where our Nutanix platform and hosting solutions can take us and our clients.

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