The results of a recent IDC survey, Board Engagement in Digital Transformation (DX), on a scale of one to ten, directors, CEOs and digital leaders all rate their satisfaction with transformational results at a three. Further, 48 per cent of Directors are seeing little or no direct value contribution from DX leaders. 

The research provides a first look at the role of Board-level engagement with the CIO to identify and enable opportunities that will be recognized by shareholders and analysts.  The findings are critical for both Boards and digital transformation leaders to develop the strategic competencies they need to face digital disruptions and industry challenges head-on. 

Key findings also include:

  • Respondent directors reporting a higher rate of growth (>10 per cent) see their digital leader in a stronger role on business strategy; direct engagement is key and adds value
  • Both Directors and CIOs are looking for the CEO to take more of a leadership role on digital strategy; this lack of alignment could cause CEOs to miss key signals of change
  • Directors and CIOs consider skills to be one of their biggest risk factors; CEOs cite cost as the biggest risk

You can reach out to me on Linked In if you would like to receive a copy of the full report.  Based on the findings of this initial survey, IDC anticipates conducting further research in this area – reach out to your IDC representative to participate.

The call to action for all of us is to look for the opportunity to review the strategic planning process from the Board to the transformation leader and to establish more opportunities for DX leadership to support strategies that will drive accretive value.

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