NimbleText is a free text manipulation tool that generates text blocks based on your own criteria. You can either use its feature online or download a free desktop version with more features.

So what does it exactly do?

Let’s take look this demonstration gif to get a sense of how it works and what it helps you achieve.

It generates a list of Insert SQL command lines to insert data into the data.

Remember the Mail Merge feature in Word? It works in a pretty similar way.

  • prepare your dataset in a CSV format in the first section,
  • writes the pattern in the second section with different hooks to pick up the right data fields, and
  • check the results in the third section.

Need to generate a series message body that can be emailed out?

What about find and replace text in a bunch of strings? There is this function called .replace() that you can use.

If you need more examples, here are 31 of them for your reference.

There are also a number of hooks available for you to use to pick the right set of data you entered. Simply go to the Keywords tab to find them out.

Heck, you can even add your own snippets, on top of a list of pre-defined snippets that come with the tool.

NimbleText is a powerful tool that removes the hard work from repetitive writing and editing and puts you in control of the data you are manipulating. Whether you are a coder or data analyst, you probably will find it very useful.

If you are not good at Regular Expression, you will definitely love NimbleText more.

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