Microsoft killed Internet Explorer to launch Edge, but now it looks like it plans to kill that too. Google’s DeepMind AI team wins a protein-folding competition. And how bad are Walmart’s gaming PCs?

Microsoft is building a Chromium-powered web browser that will replace Edge on Windows 10 from technology

Trending on Reddit, Microsoft’s Edge browser may be on the chopping block. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is giving up on the browser that replaced Internet Explorer in 2015. But it’s still used on fewer computer than Internet Explorer is. Edge was built from the ground up with its own rendering engine, but it just never caught on with users or web developers. Microsoft is working on a new browser under the codename of ‘Anaheim’ that’s based on the same rendering engine as Chrome.

Trending on Google, a new artificial intelligence algorithm has made a significant advance in protein folding calculations. Understanding proteins and mapping their 3D structure has been a major challenge in biology for years. But understanding it could lead to better understanding of all life. Google’s DeepMind research team in the UK used deep neural networks to understand how amino acids are folded to form these shapes. They won the Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction competition yesterday, a sort of protein-folding olympics, but the research team says this is just a first step towards solving protein folding.

Trending on Youtube. You can’t buy Walmart gaming PCs in Canada, but that doesn’t didn’t stop Linus Tech Tips from picking up a box south of the border. The video poses the question “Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?” And it puts a rig from Walmart’s “Overpowered” brand gaming PC to the test. So how does the PC stand up to the review? This clip should give you an idea:

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