If you feel bored or want to mess up with someone while you are bored, this Desktop Duck will make your day.

Just take a quick look at this video to see how naughty he is.

I definitely like the background music the author choose to make your mind even more spinning.

It’s a free portable app from @samnchiet but since the executable file is not certified you will likely get the popup like this when you try to launch it.

Feel free to go ahead and click More Info and choose Run anyway at the next window to launch it.

Once launched, you will start seeing this fat duck Honk Honk around on your desktop, occasionally leaving his footprints behind him. If you leave him alone, he will feel bored and start dragging out the random windows, Goose Notepad out that will stay on top of whatever application you are running.

Leaving your computer unattended for a longer period of time. Be prepared to see a sea of popups on your desktop when you come back. It could potentially drag your computer to death.

Trying to close these windows by clicking the X icon? Good luck, he will chase and drag your mouse away from your control.

He’s cute but he’s definitely naughty. And Task Manager seems to be the only place where you can terminate him.

/Update/ Turns out, you can simply press and hold the ESC key to terminate and exit the Desktop Goose.

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