Enterprise Vulnerabilities
From DHS/US-CERT’s National Vulnerability Database CVE-2019-11646
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-03

Remote unauthorized command execution and unauthorized disclosure of information in Micro Focus Service Manager, versions 9.30, 9.31, 9.32, 9.33, 9.34, 9.35, 9.40, 9.41, 9.50, 9.51, 9.52, 9.60, 9.61. This vulnerability could allow Remote unauthorized command execution and unauthorized disclosure of …

PUBLISHED: 2019-06-03

An issue was discovered in Django 1.11 before 1.11.21, 2.1 before 2.1.9, and 2.2 before 2.2.2. The clickable Current URL value displayed by the AdminURLFieldWidget displays the provided value without validating it as a safe URL. Thus, an unvalidated value stored in the database, or a value provided …

PUBLISHED: 2019-06-03

IceWarp Mail Server through 10.4.4 is prone to a local file inclusion vulnerability via webmail/calendar/minimizer/index.php?style=..%5c directory traversal.

PUBLISHED: 2019-06-03

Atlassian Crowd and Crowd Data Center had the pdkinstall development plugin incorrectly enabled in release builds. Attackers who can send unauthenticated or authenticated requests to a Crowd or Crowd Data Center instance can exploit this vulnerability to install arbitrary plugins, which permits remo…

PUBLISHED: 2019-06-03

Atlassian Bitbucket Data Center licensed instances starting with version 5.13.0 before 5.13.6 (the fixed version for 5.13.x), from 5.14.0 before 5.14.4 (fixed version for 5.14.x), from 5.15.0 before 5.15.3 (fixed version for 5.15.x), from 5.16.0 before 5.16.3 (fixed version for 5.16.x), from 6.0.0 b…

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