Lyft will be offering 50 per cent off to the Toronto and Ottawa voters on their rides to the polls on Oct. 21, 2019. The code VOTE1021CA can be used by voters throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area, and in Ottawa to avail this offer. 

The ridesharing company is doing this in an attempt to eliminate barriers to voting this election. The company did the same during the U.S. midterm elections in August 2018.

In the 2015 federal election, 48% of non-voters cited health concerns and the demands of everyday life as a reason for not casting a ballot. Of these non-voters, 12% reported having an illness or disability and 23% reported being too busy,” Lyft wrote on its website

Lyft is also working with local partners to provide free rides to polls on election day for people who have trouble getting there because of a disability or an illness. The company has partnered with United Way Greater Toronto to distribute these free rides to the people who need and deserve them the most. In addition, Lyft has partnered with Apathy is Boring to provide free rides to youth (18-34 years of age) with mobility issues in order to get as many youths to the polls on the day of the election as possible. 

“Apathy is Boring believes in reducing barriers to getting youth to the polls on Election Day and that partnering with Lyft will make travel for the youth who need it, more affordable,” says Daniele-Jocelyne Otou, communications manager for Apathy is Boring.

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