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This article covers how to recover a file from the Acronis Cloud Backup service, hosted by On-Call Solutions.

  1. Go to https://baas.acronis.com
  2. Enter username and password provided by On-Call Solutions.  If you do not have this, please contact sales@oncallsolutions.ca and they will verify your identity and login information.
  3. You will be loaded into the default landing page with various options on the left side menu
  4. Click on “Backups” from the left menu.  This will show you your local and cloud backups.
  5. Select the appropriate location such as “Server – entire machine to cloud” and then click show backups
  6. Click Recover… -> Files/Folders
  7. Browse to the file you wish to recover and select it and click on recover or download.
  8. Based on your selection, you will be able to recover it to the same location on the server, a custom location or download it directly from your browser.