Congress grills Google’s CEO, a new report says Equifax breach was easily preventable, and the U.S. is preparing to announce the indictments of multiple Chinese hackers.

Trending on LinkedIn – Google CEO Sundar Pichai was in the hot seat yesterday, fielding questions from the House Judiciary Committee, and government officials seemed very interested about YouTube and its handling of extremist content. Pichai says YouTube has clearly stated policies and the platform has made a lot of progress in many areas around dealing with misinformation, but ultimately admitted the platform needed to do better. According to Pichai, people upload 400 hours of video every minute to YouTube.

There’s a lot of chatter on Reddit about a report from the House Oversight Committee highlighting Equifax’s security practices and policies. Unsurprisingly, it’s filled with instances of gross negligence. The credit agency, which a year ago was hacked, impacting 143 million consumers globally, failed to patch a disclosed vulnerability despite warnings from Homeland Security. It also failed to update an expired security certificate, which opened the door for suspicious web traffic. The committee’s report concluded with a seething critique of Equifax’s response to the breaches, and according to reporting from TechCrunch, Equifax says it’s disappointed that it didn’t have adequate time to review and respond to the 100-page report, and cited inaccuracies in the final document.

And lastly, also on LinkedIn – The Trump administration is planning to announce the indictments of multiple hackers suspected of working for a Chinese intelligence service and participating in a long-running espionage campaign targeting the U.S., the Washington Post reports. Additionally, the government is planning to declassify intelligence relating to the breaches, which date back to 2014. Tensions between the U.S. and China have been shaky at best, and recent attempts by the U.S. to extradite and executive from Huawei in Canada, have driven the two countries even further apart.

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