Facebook and Instagram go down, again, Twitter walks back its plan to give away unused old accounts after getting an earful from the general public, and Panosonic is out of the chipmaking game.

Americans are very concerned as they head into Thanksgiving this weekend. Facebook and Instagram (as of this recording) are down! So naturally people took to Twitter to talk about how they won’t be able to look down at their phones when things get heated at the dinner table. The platforms are aware of the issue within Facebook’s family of apps. A statement issued earlier today said the company is “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.” Have fun socializing with family!

Earlier this week, Twitter said that it would delete the accounts of users who had not been active on the platform for more then six months. The world responded with a resounding “stop!” People expressed concern about how inactive accounts of their deceased loved ones would also be wiped. Twitter responded shortly after, saying it will put its plans on hold until they can find a way to memorialize the accounts of those who have died.

And lastly trending on Twitter is the news Panasonic is selling its chipmaking business to a Taiwanese tech company Nuvoton Technology. The move is part of a “restructuring effort” says Panasonic, something that many people suggest is directly tied to the ongoing US.-China trade war. Panasonic’s chipmaking business ranked among the world’s top 10 producers by sales around 1990. Nuvoton Technology is a midsize company that supplies the likes of HP, Dell and Microsoft.

That’s all the tech news that’s trending right now. Hashtag Trending is a part of the ITWC Podcast network. Add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing or your Google Home daily briefing.

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