Trending on LinkedIn, experts say that due to the frequency of consumer data breaches, people have become fatigued to the news. People are brushing them off and carrying on doing businesses with the affected company. The indifference is reflected in share prices. When a company announces a data breach, their stocks hardly budge. But everyone should remain cautious about data breaches, especially when it comes to employers who have access to personal health and financial data. Theft of social security numbers, bank information, and biometric data can have devastating effects.

For sport fans, there’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling of watching a live game. But did you know that ESPN is bleeding subscribers? According to news trending on Reddit, ESPN has lost another two million subscribers due to people canceling cable this year. As more and more consumers turn to streaming services for entertainment, cable is dipping in subscriber count. Up until now, live sports are a main reason that anyone still has cable. But a survey conducted by BTIG research revealed that viewers would happily drop ESPN to save money. While it isn’t the main driver for cutting the cord, ESPN accounts for around eight dollars of the 75 dollar average cable bill.

It’s Cyber Monday! That’s right, you’re not done shopping yet. According to Adobe Analytics’ data, this Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales event is on track to break last years figures. Between the evening of Thursday and the morning of Friday, it has already generated $643 million dollars in online spending. Sales were projected to hit more than $6.4 billion dollars on Friday alone, and today’s Cyber Monday will either match or surpass last year’s revenue of $6.6 billion dollars. Top selling electronics include Samsung TVs, Dell laptops, and GoPro cameras.

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