In an effort to provide better digital services to its citizens and public servants, the Government of Nova Scotia launched the Nova Scotia Digital Service team today.

Announced in a blog post from Nova Scotia’s chief digital officer, Natasha Clarke, the team will be responsible for delivering digital services designed around the needs of the users with the ultimate goal of delivering better government services in a digital era.

“As Nova Scotia’s first chief digital officer, it’s my privilege to be leading this team as it takes its first steps,” wrote Clarke. “The internet era has changed how most of us shop, travel, communicate, exercise, watch TV, everything. It’s changing how we interact with government services too — but if we’re going to make that work, government needs to respond.”

Some projects the team has already been involved with (despite just being officially announced) are online applications for Nova Scotia’s Heating Assistance Rebate Program, online Ticket Lottery Permit service, and online services for car dealership employees to submit vehicle registrations.

The team will be hiring in the near future, noted Clarke.

“Investing in people on the team helps us deliver for the people who matter most: the citizens of Nova Scotia,” said Clarke. “This is going to be tricky, complicated, hard work. But it’s work that matters because the results will have a direct positive effect on the lives of our friends, families, and neighbors in Nova Scotia.”

Stay tuned for more.

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