In an effort to facilitate advancements to some important industries in Canada, Deloitte Digital has turned its focus towards industry-specific applications with its recent launch of its Salesforce Global Assets and Solutions Group (ASG) to Canada at Salesforce World Tour Toronto.

Deloitte intends to eventually branch out to many more industries but has decided to begin with developing tools specific to the healthcare, life sciences, public sector, and energy and resources industries.

“We feel that a number of industries in Canada were ready for change, for disruption, and these are the right industries where we can make a significant and meaningful impact,” said Anatoli Zurablev, head of digital health and AI for Deloitte.

By turning its focus to industry-specific applications, as opposed to tools that can be used across many industries, Zurablev says that Deloitte hopes it can fix inefficiencies and drive advancements that can forever change these industries.

“What became very clear is that each one of the industries has their unique and specific needs. There is more and more specialized and focused set of processes,” said Zurablev. “But that’s where it comes together as Salesforce continues to evolve in a direction of bringing innovative solutions that are very focused laser-focused on the industry.”

Zurablev emphasized the importance of Deloitte’s partnership with Salesforce as a means to achieve its goals, saying that the innovation that Salesforce drives is imperative to Deloitte’s vision.

“They continue to be one of the most innovative organizations. They continue to innovate from a platform perspective,” said Zurablev. “We need a partner that can be very effective in solving technological problems. And so it’s a very natural marriage when you bring a consulting organization that has a vision and strategy approaching industry problems and an organization that is very effective in solving technological problems.”

One direction that Deloitte plans to focus on in this recent offering is the implementation of AI technology; something that it has turned its attention on in recent years.

And Zurablev says that by integrating AI into its newest applications, it can only further drive efficiency and innovation.

“For example, if you look at healthcare, there’s so many ways we can apply it in the healthcare space via optimizing a clinician workflow or via optimizing the way we focus on specific patients right,” said Zurablev. “And equally so you can apply it obviously in public sector and government”

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