Company History

ONCALL Solutions has a full history of providing clients with high quality affordable IT solutions within Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We provide comprehensive IT solutions for companies both large and small, we are your one-stop IT provider.

2009: ONCALL Software LTD starts offering website hosting services.

2010: ONCALL Software LTD starts offering IT support including computer, network and server support.

2013: As the market changed, so did ONCALL Software LTD adopting the new name of ONCALL Solutions. Under this new branding ONCALL Solutions quickly grew to include in-house software design/development, hardware, network and cyber security services.

2014: ONCALL Solutions tired of dealing with 3rd party support and data centers founded it’s 100% owned data center located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada which continues to rapidly expand to this day. At this time our first official store front was opened on Portage Avenue, thus beginning a new chapter in our story.

2015: ONCALL Solutions was the first company in Winnipeg to convert its entire virtual environment over to Nutanix hyper converged solution as part of it’s continued growth to remain cutting edge within the Winnipeg IT space.

2016: ONCALL Solutions expanded to add a suite of cloud services to its product catalog, including Off-Site backup, Anti Virus, and Hosted Exchange.

2017: ONCALL Solutions launched its green data center environmental initiative and committed to protecting our environment, with the goal of making a carbon neutral data center.

2018: ONCALL Solutions commenced proof of stake cryptocurrency transaction processing in it’s data center.

Future and beyond

We cannot wait to help you with your IT needs and look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.

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