Using KPIs to Improve Web Content

All marketing campaigns should meet certain goals, whether they’re related to acquiring new customers, increasing customer satisfaction, or selling more to existing customers. That holds true for content marketing initiatives – everything from social media posts to ebooks, and everything in-between. In this article, we’ll help you determine how to choose the correct KPIs to […]

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UX Optimizations For Keyboard-Only And Assistive Technology Users

About The Author Aaron is Deque’s Principal UX Designer. In addition to leading both strategic and tactical UX efforts, Aaron works on creating accessibility centric standards … More about Aaron… How can we improve our keyboard-only (KO) and Assistive Technology (AT) user experiences without affecting the experience for anyone else? In this article, we’ll dig […]

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Styling In Modern Web Apps

About The Author Ajay is a creative frontend developer, exploring the unlimited possibilities of the web to create beautiful interfaces. More about Ajay… In this article, we welcome you to take a detailed dive into the different ways of organizing styling in modern applications which often have complex interfaces and design patterns. Let’s walk through […]

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