Introducing 15 Best New Portfolios, February 2020

Each month we publish a roundup of the best new portfolios, launched in the previous four weeks, by freelancers, agencies, and other creative professionals. This month’s edition is packed with color and animation. Almost every site in this list animates some part of its interface, and many are dependent on animation entirely. You’ll find tons […]

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How To Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Blockchain In Node.js

About The Author Alfrick Opidi is an experienced web developer with a passion in exploring how emerging technologies can be utilized to create performant, productive, and … More about Alfrick … This tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple cryptocurrency, called smashingCoin, using the concepts of JavaScript classes and Node.js. Give it a try — […]

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The Future of Ubersuggest

* Please read the whole post, I have some good news at the bottom, but it won’t make sense unless you read the whole post. Do you know why I got into SEO? Not many people know this, but I grew up in middle-class America, and I wanted a better life for me and my […]

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