On Friday, November 30, 2018, web professionals will celebrate the twelfth Blue Beanie Day.

It’s the day when web professionals around the world celebrate web standards by publishing articles, gathering for meetups and team discussions, and adding a blue beanie to their avatar.

I’m glad to help spread the word about the importance of web standards.

What is Blue Beanie Day?

Launched in 2006, Blue Beanie Day is named after the blue beanie worn by Jeffrey Zeldman on the front cover of his Designing with Web Standards book.

For many people, Zeldman’s book was their first introduction to web standards.

In addition, Zeldman was one of several designers in the web standards movement which wrote, taught, and published websites/articles to raise awareness of the importance of semantic code and best practices to design usable, accessible sites.

Show Your Support for Web Standards

Want to share your support for web standards? Change your social media avatar to a photo of you wearing a blue beanie, hat, or even a scarf.

Use the #BlueBeanieDay hashtag to share your support and show off your social media avatar.

Don’t have a blue beanie or hat to wear?

Download the blue beanie Photoshop zip file (45KB PSD) and update your social media avatars.

Social Media Conversation

I was glad to see Zeldman announce Blue Beanie Day 2018, inviting people to share their photos, links, posts, and videos.

It started a couple people talking about the book and blue beanies.

Hope you’ll join me in celebrating Blue Beanie Day on November 30, 2018!

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