Streamline was created to enhance any project you’re working on. Doesn’t matter if it’s a website, a mobile app, or a slide deck.

The light weights have a little more detail and can be scaled larger when more details are required. The regular weights are stripped down to very minimal shapes and work well for UI even when scaled down to 16px. The bold weights are nice and contrasty—perfect for iOS work, wayfinding, and more.

cropped iphone with icons showing

iOS Apps

The new bold Streamline style works amazingly well for iOS apps. The style was largely inspired by the latest iOS guidelines, which feature nice bold shapes for optimal legibility. The grid of icons at the top of this example are regular weight and the tab bar is using bold weight.

browser window with icons showing


The website example above is using the regular weight icons in the left navigation. All of the icons are designed on a 24px grid, but the regular weight works well at smaller 16px sizes. One of our sister products, Streamline UX, is featured in the right panels.

apple watch with icons showing

Apple Watch

When you’re designing interfaces, every single pixel matters. This is especially true when designing for tiny wearable screens. With Streamline you can be certain that each little vector shape has been fine-tuned for maximum value.

environemtal magazine spread with icons showing

Print Design

CMYK designers rejoice when they can access all 30,000 icons in infinite-scaling vector format. Illustrator files and SVG are perfect for popping these icons into InDesign to support your biggest print projects.

“Streamline has a timeless, humanistic, yet personable quality that can be described as the Futura of icon sets. It’s become the de facto standard set for all my design needs since its inception. A must-have for any designers’ toolkit.”

Madelena Mak
UX Designer

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