Naming & Shaming Web Polluters: Xiongmai

What do we do with a company that regularly pumps metric tons of virtual toxic sludge onto the Internet and yet refuses to clean up their act? If ever there were a technology giant that deserved to be named and shamed for polluting the Web, it is Xiongmai — a Chinese maker of electronic parts […]

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Unicorns, Frogs & the Sausage Supper Affair
D. Conradus Gesnerus

October 6, 2018John Boardley Recently on Twitter, I’ve been posting some photos of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century books. Some have been retweeted and commented on even more times than my cat pics, which is encouraging. That got me to thinking about a new feature for ILT, Remarkable Renaissance Books: brief posts dedicated to single books from […]

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Supply Chain Security is the Whole Enchilada, But Who’s Willing to Pay for It?
Bloomberg Businessweek - The Big Hack

From time to time, there emerge cybersecurity stories of such potential impact that they have the effect of making all other security concerns seem minuscule and trifling by comparison. Yesterday was one of those times. Bloomberg Businessweek on Thursday published a bombshell investigation alleging that Chinese cyber spies had used a U.S.-based tech firm to secretly embed […]

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A Blog Isn’t a Blog, It’s a Business

I wrote my very first blog post on July 24, 2005. That blog post is no longer live because it was terrible. The post was called, “Winning the Search Engine Marketing War.” It was 412 words long, contained no images, no external links, and it didn’t provide much value because it didn’t teach you anything. […]

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