Stay Safe in the Dark
Dark Web hacker

Sites on the Dark Web Have Several Motivations to Unmask Their Visitors So, there you are, finally on the private sections of a dark market. You have established reputation and credibility with your targets. Suddenly, you get exposed as a “rat” and banned for life. They grab your escrowed cryptocurrency, and you are back at […]

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A Brief History of the Index
Old book with script

August 24, 2018John Boardley On the rare occasions I get to peruse paper and ink books in a brick and mortar bookstore, after a brief flirtation with the cover and blurb, I will scan the table of contents, then gently – for the book is new, the clean pages crisp – thumb through the final […]

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5 Tips on the Month
Data Security padlock

Why bother with cybersecurity if you are not the one responsible for it? Because even if you don’t work in IT, cybersecurity is still part of your job, and if something goes wrong because of you, you may be held accountable. For those who work in large corporate environments, the best starter is to follow […]

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AI Coming to Winnipeg
AI face with matrix numbers

What is Artificial intelligence (AI) With AI becoming more and more prevalent, we start asking the question. “What is Artificial intelligence (AI)“ Definition of artificial intelligence A branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers The ability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior A more thorough definition of […]

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Password Who Needs Them
Password field

Why do we need secure passwords When you think of a “hacker,” what do you picture? If you’re like most people, it’s probably some kind of hoodie-wearing miscreant with black fingernail polish, a laptop plastered with snarky stickers and an array of empty energy drink cans surrounding them. If you’re like me, you probably also […]

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IBM AI Powered Malware
Robot spies in front of Capitol

IBM researchers developed AI powered malware to demonstrate future threat models IBM researchers at Black Hat USA 2018 announced their development of DeepLocker. A system described as a highly targeted and evasive attack tool powered by AI. The new tool is designed to better understand how several existing AI models can be combined with current […]

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